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EMO: The Coolest AI Desktop Pet with Personality and Ideas.

Built with multiple sensors and cutting-edge techs, Emo is a cool desktop AI robot pet with characters that can self-explore the world and react to you with 1000+ faces and movements. 

 Like a loyal companion, Emo cheers you up with music, dance movements, and online games! Emo is also a great helper that wakes you up, turns on the light, takes pictures and answers to your questions, for a truly life-like pet on your desktop!

Independently Cognitive and Curious

Emo is curious and inquisitive about the world around him. He moves independently to explore his surroundings on his own. He tracks sounds, recognizes people (up to 10 people) and objects and expertly navigates your desktop without ever falling off.

Emo makes decisions on his own and his personality evolves based on his surroundings and your interactions. If you try to interrupt what he is doing, he might even get a little annoyed.


1000+ Expressions & Moves for Human-like Interaction


Interact with Emo, and he will respond to you naturally with the expressions and movements. Built with the latest Emotion Engine System, Emo is capable of over 1000 expressions and actions. He shows his mood and feelings directly through expressive animations on his face and with his body language. Whether he’s excited, bored, disappointed, happy or sad, Emo reacts to you with realistic emotions and actions!

What Makes Emo Come Alive?


With more than 10 advanced internal sensors, Emo knows what’s going on around him. His built-in Neural Network Processor and AI Processing Models, process large amounts of images, sound and sensor data continuously, making him smart enough for meaningful human interactions.


What Can Emo do?

See: Emo features an HD camera with face recognition that can remember you and your family members. He gets to know you by seeing you every day.

Hear: Emo has a 4-microphone array which can capture sounds and locate the source direction instantly. If you need him, just say “Hey Emo!”

Feel: Emo is equipped with a touch sensor on its head, which enables him to sense your touch. Like any pet, he likes a nice pat on the head.

Communicate: Emo’s high-quality speaker can play your favorite playlist and communicate with you with adorable simulated sounds.

Learn: Emo’s self-learning system enables him understand the world around him and get familiar with you and the environment. His personality and actions change as his relationship with the world evolves.

Think: Emo has an advanced Neural Network Processor and three different AI Processing Models, which enable him to process large amounts of images, sound and sensor data simultaneously to think and respond in a thoughtful, authentic, and natural manner.


Pet-like Development System


The built-in development system allows Emo’s skills to increase as he grows up. He evolves through time just like any pet. At first, he may not fully understand your words but as he grows, his ability to understand and communicate gets better so that you can have more complex interactions. Just like the bond that grows between you and a pet, your relationship with Emo gets stronger day by day.

Cool Enough for Any Party


With a design inspired by pop culture, Emo is born with a stylish look. The shining purple and indigo-blue shows off his fashion sense with a nod toward street style. Like those DJs and rappers, he loves his headphones and skateboard.


Juice Up Emo & Your Phone Wirelessly 

Emo’s skateboard is useful as well, it’s how he gets wirelessly powered up. And Emo knows that your phone is essential to your lifestyle and can help you keep it charged up too! Simply place your phone on it to wirelessly charge up fast!

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EMO Desktop Robot Pet - Интеллектуальный робот ИМО


EMO Desktop Robot Pet - Интеллектуальный робот ИМО

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